The Toddler Model: Parents Who Want To Get Their Toddlers Into Modeling

I get a lot of emails from parents who want to know how to get their toddlers and even babies into modeling. Most agencies usually don’t start working with children¬†until their about 4yrs old, and if a job does call for a young child the agency will usually use one of their talents children for the part. But there are times that some agencies will sign a few young children depending on their personality and if their look can work for the agency.

Being a headshot photographer, I get a lot of parents wanting to book headshot sessions for their young children. I usually don’t work with children under 4yr old unless they are about to be signed or already signed with a reputable modeling agency. Most young children only need a simple snapshot because of the fact that their features change a lot. I wouldn’t suggest any parent run out and spend a lot of money on pictures for a toddler unless they are signed.

For photographers who email me asking me how do I get children this young to listen the answer is very simple…. I DON’T!!! LOL Children this age not trying to follow orders and be bossed around, this will only cause them to become angry and the entire shoot will be ruined. The only thing I do is talk to them and have a lot of fun, toddlers love to sing along and count. For my eye contact images calling their name works for a very short time, after you used that up they start to ignore you and you will need to find other ways to get eye contact. Just remember to stay positive when working with toddlers, they can be very unpredictable….. **GOOD LUCK**

Here are some images of a toddler that I scouted in the store who is about to be signed, she was so adorable and easy to work with. She just turned two years old and her vocabulary is that of a 3yr old. She warmed up to me really fast which is also very important if you want your child to model, they need to be able to adjust to new surroundings and not be clingy.


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Tonya Dailey Headshots is excited to be offering comp card designs to those needing these to send out to casting calls and auditions. To find out more information on this service and the design rates please visit and click on “comp cards”.


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Summer Headshot SPECIAL!!!!


¬†Starting Monday June 30th Tonya Dailey Headshots will be offering a 50% discount on her $185 headshot session. The sessions includes 45min – 1hr of shooting, two outfit changes, and 8 digital images printable up to 8×12. And to make it better Tonya is adding two additional images for a total of 10 digitals. This special is only good for the first 10 people to book. This will be the last special of the year so don’t miss out space is very limited. This is a great opportunity for actors, models, pageantry, and business professionals to update their headshots.

For additional questions or to secure a session please contact Tonya Dailey Headshots @


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Book Your Summer Headshots TODAY!!!!!

The summer is quickly approaching and we have started booking summer sessions early! Headshots will only be booked on Sundays & Mondays and one Saturday out of the month due to other projects and assignments.

Headshot sessions start at $185 and Tonya only works with children over the age of 6yrs old, unless the child is already signed with an agency. For questions about headshots please send an email to:


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Corporate Headshots

Tonya Dailey Headshots is excited about offering corporate headshots to companies needing professional images of their employees. For our clients convenience Tonya and her assistants will travel to your location and provide services, instead of having to take time out of your schedule to travel to a studio.

We offer services to all types of corporate firms and businesses, to find out more information and corporate rates please contact us:

Houston corporate headshots

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