The Child Photographer

Ok so many people always saying I don’t post enough pictures of myself online, well first of all I don’t like taking pictures and my motto has always been “I’m the photographer I belong BEHIND the lens not in front of it” LOL ….So I wanted to post another picture from a shoot I did a few months back. As you can tell I’m not one of those photographers that wear high heels on a shoot (call me the flip flop queen), that’s just not normal when working with children and any photographer that takes a picture with heels and shooting kids is loco or just trying to be extra cute, I’m trying to be comfortable..LOL…

But I just have to send shouts out to my girl/photographer Rita Ramirez who took my pictures, she is a fabulous boudoir photographer in Katy, Texas so ladies if you looking for someone special call her up!!!!


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