What to Wear?

When booking sessions the main question I get from parents is “What should my children wear?”And I would explain to them what would work, but thanks to Pinterest I have created style boards so they can have a visual¬† guide.

I have several different “What to Wear” boards that will help with styling ideas for all types of shoots that I am hired for. When visiting my boards you will notice that I am all about color, style, and making sure that the clothing ideas don’t take away from the child but makes them shine.

One thing you will not see a lot of is all white, I am not a fan of children (or anyone else) wearing all white to photo shoots. Children are fun, vibrant, and outgoing little people and I think their clothes need to compliment that with color. So this was my reasoning behind the style board, I wanted parents to have a visual idea of what clothes would work best for shoots. I’m not saying parents should go out and buy these clothes on the style boards, but just use this as a guide.


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