Sneak Peek: Adorable 2yr old cutie!!!

    This summer has been extremely busy but awesome, I have been having fun working with some of the most adorable kids and excited to share once I get caught up with all my work. I also shot a children’s clothing line that is so cute and will be sharing those in a few weeks, but until then enjoy this sneak peek from a session I had a few days ago. Much more to come from this stunning child!!!!!


    Chucks & Tunics: Part I

    This has got to be one of my favorite shoots this year, this adorable 2yr old child model was full of personality and extremely smart for her young years. But what really got me was the adorable tunic and the chucks, she really rocked this shoot and gave all kinds of adorable expressions.

    There were so many pictures I had to break it up and will post the rest later on this week. Enjoy…..



    The Child Photographer

    Ok so many people always saying I don’t post enough pictures of myself online, well first of all I don’t like taking pictures and my motto has always been “I’m the photographer I belong BEHIND the lens not in front of it” LOL ….So I wanted to post another picture from a shoot I did a few months back. As you can tell I’m not one of those photographers that wear high heels on a shoot (call me the flip flop queen), that’s just not normal when working with children and any photographer that takes a picture with heels and shooting kids is loco or just trying to be extra cute, I’m trying to be comfortable..LOL…

    But I just have to send shouts out to my girl/photographer Rita Ramirez who took my pictures, she is a fabulous boudoir photographer in Katy, Texas so ladies if you looking for someone special call her up!!!!



    Click Models director, Renee Lauren talks killer headshots: Interview coming soon!!!

    It’s always a pleasure to have Renee take time out of her busy schedule as Click Models agency director, to provide parents with useful information pertaining to the modeling industry. I have been knowing Renee for years and she has been a great help to me, by providing useful information and resources when I decided to enter the modeling world as a child photographer.

    The last time I interviewed her was back in 2010 when she shared information on getting your child into modeling and what scams to watch out for. This time she will be talking about the importance of having a great headshot, what agencies look when reviewing child submissions, and selecting the right photographer that can deliver. Be on the lookout for this great piece of information coming next week.


          Taylor of Lake Charles, La is signed with Click Models of Philly.


    What to Wear?

    When booking sessions the main question I get from parents is “What should my children wear?”And I would explain to them what would work, but thanks to Pinterest I have created style boards so they can have a visual  guide.

    I have several different “What to Wear” boards that will help with styling ideas for all types of shoots that I am hired for. When visiting my boards you will notice that I am all about color, style, and making sure that the clothing ideas don’t take away from the child but makes them shine.

    One thing you will not see a lot of is all white, I am not a fan of children (or anyone else) wearing all white to photo shoots. Children are fun, vibrant, and outgoing little people and I think their clothes need to compliment that with color. So this was my reasoning behind the style board, I wanted parents to have a visual idea of what clothes would work best for shoots. I’m not saying parents should go out and buy these clothes on the style boards, but just use this as a guide.